Wednesday 11 August 2021

Divining The Power of Purpose and Intentionality - Bury Your Dogma - How to Believe In & Know The Divine: Step One, Fall In Love With You!!

As I argue in my upcoming book, we have to learn to see with our heart. To get our 3 work chakras in alignment, our head, heart and gut. If our brains are our computer hardware, our guts and hearts are the operating system (software), where the guidance system lives. The notion of 'meaning' is an holistic effect derived from living our lives intentionally. Our Mission in life is borne-out of our authentic mission in life as we ascend towards our defined Purpose. When Purpose is the central constellation in the heavens of Human Endeavour. Towards which we both derive from and invest in our energies. We are complex electrical generators created and evolved to do work. With which we are rendered pointless, purposeless and stuck. Devoid of meaning, creativity and the need to decide, we risk devolving back to the swamp. Our Mission in life is the collection of tasks we perform in the attainment of satisfying the values our experiences have invested in us. Satisfaction is the biproduct of fulfilling those values in the process of energising our lives with positive intentionality - self-determination. Self-determination can only be derived from deep introspection and self-inventory - the taking stock of who we are. Which is pivotal in navigating the voyage of life and choosing the bearing-point upon which we set course. With our guiding star being the central vocational axis-point in the Great Constellation of Human Endeavour. Each day we rise, we focus our energies on working towards that goal. The act of divining purpose - using our intuition and insights to locate 'The Light' - humans have to access the 'Maze of Maximised Potential'. The traction of owning our purpose is the birthchild of knowing the bite-point between the cogs of our Nature and Nurture. The internal transaction invested in us by epigenetics and experiential learning. Whereby, we forge our identities, preferences, knowledges, capabilities, gifts and talents. The sensation that our lives are moving forward, building momentum and generating traction is derived from the sense we are contributing to the collective, common good. Ultimately, success is derived from cooperating and sharing in the process of helping others in the attainment of their own sense of purpose, mission, meaning and ascent. Complete Faith in Self, is the prize of self-knowing and self-determination. In itself, a knowing of the Divine resulting from divining intention. And through Faith in Self, we create love, reduce waste, live sustainably (because we are not squandering the potential invested us by Creation) and perpetuating the circularity of Existence. This is a Big Conversation - want to take part?


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