Saturday 16 July 2011

Job Search SB 6

The Path of Least Resistance:

When you are looking for a job make sure you understand exactly what your career passions are. It is no good moaning about rejection when you haven't taken the time to do the detective work necessary to identify your working talents and career attributes, such as - skills, strengths, interests and values.

The shortest journey to you getting a job that you truly love, where you outshine your competitors on the interview shortlist, is to decide what you do best - and do it.

Career Steer

The world of career development is built on more than 100 years of theoretical and practical evolution. Somehow this professional discipline has managed to keep a uniquely low profile for such a widespread field making such a notable contribution.

In spite of being proven by tens of thousands of academics to impact beneficially to the psychological, sociological, physiological and economic wellbeing of the individual citizen and society at large, people place little recognition on these compelling facts. Career Guidance, Careers Advice, Career Counselling, Career Coaching, call it what you will, the bottom line is, it is good for you.

A career that is going somewhere is a beautiful sight to behold. Watching a person emit a sense of purpose is one of the most charismatic sights in the known universe. People fly around a well-polished talent like moths around a candle. The gifted artisan lights up the smile of a stranger without the need of words. Yet the probability of any individual citizen uncovering the innate career which lies inside them is 10:1 against.

It is part of the human condition that it is easy to help others with their decisions, but harder than hell to help ourselves work-out our own. In fact I believe this inability to make important life decisions on our own is a naturally in-built failsafe mechanism that strengthens the fabric of society by having us accord and interact with those around us. Hence, why, with the proliferation of singleton households, the all-important sense of community has waned and it has become harder and harder for individuals to contribute to the greater whole.

All the more reason to get a steer on your career and consider whether your career is going to take you somewhere you really want to go with your life; or career out of control in a way that contributes little to anyone, least of all your Self.

What price would you pay for knowing?