Friday 19 August 2011

A Level Results & Common Sense

Today is just a short blog to mention the madness of the clamour for university places at a time when the career guidance profession is all but obliterated by Government policy.

For many years Careers Advisers would be on hand to help pick up the pieces of broken plans on A Level Results Day. For some reason this Government do not believe that Career Guidance has anything to offer. This might be true if we were not in the midst of more upheaval and social change than perhaps ever before in history.

In 2011 young people are inundated with career options at a time when Government seek to balance the demographics in the labour market. Never could the World of Work accommodate 50%+ of graduates. The elemental economics of supply and demand tell us this. In a globalised market we need aggressive training programme to ensure our companies are leading edge. I personally don't believe we can achieve this without a realistic workforce determined to put themselves at the top of the skills economy.

Today is probably not a great day to be postponing your degree until 2012 at the risk of paying back debts for 30 years. There have got to be better options. Why not talk to a Careers Adviser about what they might be?