Tuesday 13 October 2015

My stab at poetry - "Good being a good Being, being good!"

A #Career #Poem about the joys, benefits and shiny stuff that happens when we're in the right #Job!
I am not poet, as you can tell. But here goes...!
#nationalpoetryday #thinkofapoem

Good being a good Being, being good!
The bird’s wing flashes,
The body dashes, skyward, giddiest heights abashes,
And always, a beat our hearts do skip,
Purity of the instant fleeting,
And so it is, fusion, function, form and flow in meeting.
His hammer falls,
As Blacksmith smashes one more glinting metal epicure,
That’s where his cash is, brought buy his bashes,
His passion zinging through his very being,
Vocation quest’s his singing zest, borne from his best.
Her suture mends,
As surgeon tends tissues livid,
Grand ennobling gifts fly fixing life’s deepest slashes,
Pressure gravid, the ‘getting it right’ systemically vivid,
Her principles innate instinctual, succinctual, effectual.
There’s never any falling in to one’s intended calling,
Tis’ always built betwixt heart, head’s and gut’s alliance,
That’s where your passion lives,
It is always good being a good Being being good!
Delight-filled fusion of fabric, form, function and flow.
Hey Human Being, you need to be doing to be being,
Veiled in ‘being’ it’s the knowing that’s your plenty, purpose abound,
So see those Beings , their #WorkAesthetics and ‘Vojo’ in-the-know,
Watch how they go!
Plan to know, then go, go, go! 
Duncan Bolam © 2015

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