Wednesday 13 August 2014

Can we learn from someone else's agony?

For me, this article seems to distil into 'take it slow and be in the now'. Be mindful. To savour the important things in life and not get hung-up and distracted by what we don't have. Let's not preach it, but practice. 

Friendships, relationships, time with loved-ones, truly communing with one another, far outweigh new cars, Prada shoes, Virtue phones, tech gizmos and all attempts to fill emotional voids with material baubles. (Not that that was why Robin Williams took his own life.)

Be there for a chum today; especially the ones you haven't seen for a while, the one who might benefit from a hug. Anyone experiencing solitude. The one who could do with a chunk of forgiveness but daren't ask. Affirmative action, might make all the difference. Looking outwardly not inwardly always seems to help. 

We're social animals living in a world of rushing material singletons. It can be tough taking it slow with so much peer pressure, but there's so much to be achieved by taking it slow, downshifting and learning the craft of selective procrastination. Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't compare. It is singularly bad for your health.

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