Tuesday 14 May 2013

Making things spreads joy, makes people happier and sustains society:

I once heard a call centre manager saying it was tolerable to have a high staff-turnover in his industry because “it’s the nature of the industry”....

...This is b#@`S*^t! As long as workers get a sense that they are contributing to something positive, that their daily tasks in some way create something of value, then they’re going to extract a sense of job satisfaction, maybe even real joy. 

As more and more firms pinch the purse strings in order to turn a profit it is harder and harder for workers to feel as if their contribution is tangible and that their efforts are worth a dime. Their dilemma is made much worse if they don’t get any recognition other than a meagre pay packet.

This is why, increasingly, I get the sense that the makers of things are happiest. You know, those artisans who bake wonderful traditional bread recipes, the dry-stone wall builders, the farriers who work iron into works-of-art, the thatchers who construct timeless roofs on medieval houses and clay potters and wood turners making bowls of perfection.

Sustained psycho-social and economic wellbeing is dependent upon contributing positively to your community for the individual to thrive and prosper in the broadest and most widely rewarding sense. The world is in such a mess because Capitalism removed the individual’s ability to hone their technique and proper through a progressive mastery of skill. 

Self-preservation in the 21st Century labour market is about being resilient to change and being able to do nothing in particular averagely well. There is no reward in this short-sightedness for either employer or employee. Hence, market volatility robs society of its meaning in the medium to long term with no sight of let-up.

Self-preservation technique, happiness-building and holistic wellbeing rely upon your ability to make, grow and sustain; to move forward and develop. Relearning from scratch every few months erodes resolve as everyone loses sight of growth indicators.

Set your sights on making something of value. Invent something that will make other peoples’ lives happier, more fulfilling and / or efficient. Give joy by building, shaping, designing, sculpting, crafting, tailoring, constructing, drawing, harvesting, divining, staining, whittling, plumbing, decorating, growing, dyeing, turning, potting, hammering, fastening, weaving, joining, smithing, sawing and stitching. Doing words help things grow. Be guided by your actions. 

Be the modern Artisan. Nurture your ability to work, invest effort, form and then step back on experience the meaning borne-out of making some thing tangible. Above, make and take joy in your being your own master. 

[And for those who can find no option other than 'serve', try sincerely to smile authentically. Your rewards are the smiles reflected back.]

Experience joy - Seek that your product live. See others shine. See society sustain. Create, generate, grow, thrive. It is infectious. 

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