Monday 7 February 2011

Job Search Sound Byte 5 - Answers to a Tough Labour Market

The Tougher it gets out there, the better the reasons are for planning your career

As with bouts of depression, being jobless is unbelievably tough and climbing out of the trough feels insurmountable. The deeper the trough, the harder it can be to climb out. As with life in general doing what we can to get our discipline to kick in is vital in relation to how quickly we succeed in overcoming the short term challenges.

Often overcoming bouts of low self-esteem can be closely linked to the state of our diet. If we are not looking after ourselves and have a poor quality diet mixed with unhelpful substances like nicotine, alcohol and unprescribed medicines, these factors can all intensify the feelings of worthlessness and prolong the periods of work-less-ness.

Speaking to a Career Development professional and talking through where your work preferences lie is a great way to putting yourself back on the road to recovery. Instilling that all-important sense of direction in your life is key to getting back into work and rebuilding your bruised self-image.

Recognise that there are many job factors that need to be meshed-together to form your career strategy and how you are going to apply yourself to your job search. As a rough guide it will probably take in excess of 12 hours deep introspection to truly identify your capabilities, strengths, skills, talents, values, likes, dislikes, motivations and attitudes and piece them all together into a sustainable plan.

As a formula to help your decide The Career Dovetail System is great way of improving your awareness.

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