Wednesday 12 May 2010

Job Search Sound Byte Number 3

Most citizens are petrified to embrace their uniqueness and exercise their individual talents because it is so often beaten out of us as kids.

The very definition of innovation is resistance - from those ‘scaredy-cats’ wishing to perpetuate the status quo. History is littered with descriptions of original thinkers being outcast as heretics – maybe this is the definition of ‘history in the making’. Fresh thinking is usually met with entrenched thinking. Look at historical figures like:
· Alfred Wegener whose Pangaea Theory hailed the existence of a supercontinent that drifted into today’s continents, led to his ostracism from the geological community on the basis it was too far-fetched to be possible
· Ignaz Semmelweis outcast by the medical establishment for encouraging surgeons to wash their hands and cleanse of the new-fangled notion of germs, and, of course.....
· Charles Darwin who, for many decades, concealed his findings on natural selection being the basic mechanism of evolution could undermine long-established Christian ideology.

My ‘Potential-Thieving Triangle’ (below) is aimed at making sense of how society specialises in squashing fresh-thinking. And why courage and respect are key values in empowering creativity and perpetuating innovation - two values conspicuous by their absence in so many organisations.

So if you want to really get on in life, and not hide your light under a bushel, get in touch with your working passions, embrace them, it can only be good for your self-esteem and contagious in your job search campaign.

Work courageously!

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